My Favourite Blogs

Here is a selection of Blogs, to some of which I subscribe.

everyday nature trails

Rebecca in the Woods

Lewis Yates

The Naturephile

UK Weather Forecasts

Wildlifegardening’s Blog

A Natural Selection

Birding Hampshire

Wildlife Wanderings

Met Office News Blog


Matt Hugo weather blog


LeavesnBlooms gardening naturally down by the lade

Woodland Matters

Writing for Nature

Journal of Ecology blog

BTO Bird Migration Blog

In Season – The Earth is good

Science on the Land

4 responses to “My Favourite Blogs

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  3. Its nice to know you keep up with your blog. I am in college full time, doing security and my dad passed on Aug 4 13. Keep up the great blogging.

    • I don’t always keep up with my blog that well, actually, but it gives me something to focus on, rather like yourself. I do like to be kept up to date with all things nature related, especially with a British connection.

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