August 31st 2011

Well the first tasks have at least started. I arose from my currently unemployed slumber at 6.30am and proceeded to read a chapter from my book. The current book of interest is Birds and Men by E M Nicholson in the New Naturalist’s series. I have many in this series and hope to acquire more of them in the coming years. The next job was to produce a Linkedin profile page –
Now time for breakfast, after a nice healthy cereal, I paused before engaging myself in creating this very blog. I hope to produce further entertainment along the way, but for now, with time on my hands, I will be analysing some old birdsound recordings.

Bye Guys n Gals

Hello world!

Hello dear readers,

I’m fairly new to this world of blogging so please be gentle and I’ll hopefully reveal all over the coming days, weeks and even years as to who and what I’m about.