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A white Christmas? I think not…….

Oh well, here's the view from the experts. Whatever you do guys n gals, enjoy the festive period. Festive Regards Tony Powell

I’m planning ahead, well hopefully?

It's the 18th December and in recent weeks, I have been busily entering data into the BTO BirdTrack Project. The latest data that I have entered is particularly broad ranging and precise as it covers my records from the surveying work for the GWCT. Even now, I still have some way to go, but intend to finish by the end … Continue reading I’m planning ahead, well hopefully?

Wild Week Ahead for the United Kingdom

A weather related post again from me. Here's the latest advice for the upcoming working week, from those in the know, in the world of meteorology. Wild Week Ahead - Latest Weather News - Enough said and confidence is very high as its been on the weather forecasts since Friday Night. Tony Powell

Benefiting Wildlife and the Farming community in tough times

I receive regular emails from differing conservation bodies so today; I would like to share some news with you. Occasionally, in nature, it is the simple decisions that prove to be of most value to the natural world. Here is some fascinating video advice showing sustainable wildlife farming, courtesy of the Campaign for the Farmed Environment. See here for further details. Also … Continue reading Benefiting Wildlife and the Farming community in tough times

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