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A nature-obsessed Freelance Contractor and occasional Bird Surveyor/Researcher based in Newbury, Berkshire. This website brings you his personal observations from the natural world as the desperate search continues for a new approach to conservation.

naturestimeline’s mission statement and business objectives

Tony Powell, the owner of Naturestimeline, is a freelancer, wildlife (chiefly birds) surveyor and researcher. Yet, as you’ve apparently stumbled upon this, I best tell you about the blog’s aims in the first instance. My uppermost intentions are to promote our mutual admiration for nature and its conservation.  Surprisingly, this is achieved through your business or leisure activities without much consideration. As you’ll note from the header, Naturestimeline’s tagline states “personal observations from the natural world as the search continues for a new approach to conservation” and this is the principal purpose behind a lot of my mutterings within.

Now moving onto the services that I can provide to your business:

  • Let me do your research when you simply don’t have the time or resources

  • Let me evaluate the wildlife and bird distributions on your land-holdings 

  • Let me provide tailored reports so you can adapt your land to suit their ongoing conservation

  • Let me create click-worthy headlines for your latest sales pitch or product promotion

  • Let me assist your business in going paperless

  • Do you see your business as a wildlife-friendly one? If so, let me blog about it on these pages. 

  • Let me promote your nature-admiring business via Social Media so you can gain wider exposure

Feel free to contact me for general information or to acquire my services as a Bird Surveyor/Researcher and for other ad-hoc project works. Either way, why not use the contact details below to reach out to me and have a chat, anyhow.


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Tony William Powell

naturestimeline freelance contract services – “A Freelance professional, sharing his personal views on all things, nature conservation. Work with me, not against me, and I’ll work for you!”

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