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Not what to expect, come Mid-November!

As if to confirm, a quote I saw on a fellow subscriber's blog, I give you some news. The Nearly half way through November post and it's reference to "the seasons’ constant cycle ignores the diary" seems somehow appropriate, in light of current ornithological sightings. By no means unprecedented, but interesting nonetheless, I will present the following snippets, courtesy of Birdguides. … Continue reading Not what to expect, come Mid-November!

Time for some data inputting!

Well, it's time I started to update my BTO Birdtrack listings for this year. The life lists, patch lists, regional lists etc. are coming along nicely and must say I am very proud of this particular bit of citizen science. However, what begs the question?Is when one is currently out of work, as I am, sometimes I feel these endless updates, … Continue reading Time for some data inputting!

Latest News

Well, just yesterday (9th October) a fair few Redwings and some Fieldfares had started to invade parts of the UK. These birds coming over from the more unusual direction of Germany and Belgium, due to suitable weather conditions both there and here. More tracking of the migrants can be undertaken via the Trektellen website. Other … Continue reading Latest News

In appreciation of bats

Hello all, some more Batty news for you. In appreciation of bats.

Woodland Birds

It's official, well done Rufus Sage and GWCT. Tony

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