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It must be said, I am obsessed with participating in Citizen Science. This might take the form of listing garden birds, a local patch list or trips farther afield. Maybe, it’s the daily transfer of weather records from my diaries, except this is not necessary any longer, due to owning an AWS (automatic weather station). Perhaps, as in today’s instance it’s keeping track of Phenological indicators and yes, in spite of it being November, there can be some events at this time of season. I take immense pleasure from “doing my bit” and it can feel like one’s been “warped back into time” when browsing over those personal snippets of information. Today, as in many recent weeks, I’ve been doing just that and it must be a most valuable way of spending my quiet unemployed time. You can also learn so much from the actual interpretation of your data, the deeper you delve.

Right, to put an end to my current rambling, I have up to today (11th November) , entered approximately 54 Phenology events onto Google Calendar and these can seen in My natural events calendar on this blog. This enables me and others, should they wish, to track and compare progress of the seasons in further intimate detail. After all, the purpose of this blog is just this.

  • I will endeavour to produce a timeline of natural events for the United Kingdom like no other

I will attempt to elaborate on each of the events, as they unfold, over the course of the climatic season. Hopefully then it will be possible to then explain their reasoning’s for happening on a given date. Learning from this, we may be able to ask why the phenological event differs from others within the dataset. How they may or may not then be used to forecast forthcoming weather etc.

Science in this subject is still in its relative infancy and this is precisely why I feel the need to explore my own records.

Obsessed Regards

Mr “Anorak” Tony Powell

How strong is the sun in November?

Looking at the above question, “How strong is the sun in November?”, “How exactly would we, or even can we answer that question?”

It’s an interesting topic for sure and folk in the weather forums have commented, even in recent weeks, that it’s been t-shirt weather. Also, some made comments  such as, it’s warm enough to sit outside and eat your dinner. Unfortunately, since these comments, for my neck of the woods at least, it’s been the more accustomed November, gloom and drizzle.

However, the reason for this rant is that today, the sun has finally returned to the skies above Newbury. This is shown to good effect by the temperature data from my weather station, as below.

Air Temperature profile - 5th November 2011 through to 9th November 2011
Air Temperature profile - 5th November 2011 through to 9th November 2011

Ok, there are other factors at play besides the emerging sun, but the Davis plot illustrates the sun’s effect well. Besides, warming the immediate atmosphere, it can and does provide a feel good factor, which is invaluable in our hectic and sometimes, mundane little lives. After all, whether you live in the Arctic, India, the United Kingdom, Australia, wherever, nearly every individual in this globes 7 billion population and the impending winter to come; I would certainly welcome more of it.


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