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Boring September?

Hello. Is boredom setting in, if like me, you currently have time on your hands and want something engaging to do, here is some bird-related ideas. Go looking for Goldfinches, they may be tiny but they can lighten any dull day. At this time of year they can be in some impressively large flocks. They are prone to devour … Continue reading Boring September?

Batten Down The Hatches – Latest Weather News –

Batten Down The Hatches - Latest Weather News - A wet and windy weekend upcoming, particularly the latter part and as often the case the North and West worst affected. Take Care out there.

September 1st

Well I got a text mid morning for me to go join a long-time friend at my local patch. The text indicated that Chris had spotted two Pied Flycatchers which, would be lifers, for both of us in this area. The habitat in question is a woodland valley of deciduous trees complete with grassy rides. It is a … Continue reading September 1st

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