Bird sounds in the night!

Hello, Well, my winter visitors are starting to arrive. Firstly, as expected Redwings, the Northern invaders have been passing overhead in small numbers, locally. Some will have already been spotted feeding in berry bushes or on the ground, but my sightings have been sound sightings. Also noted, just recently, coming from the night skies, were¬†ringing... Continue Reading →

Winter Thrush update and Migration news

Well, things never cease to amaze. The exceptionally warm weather of late September into early October saw five (yes, 5) consecutive date records, in terms of maximum temperatures. Amazing, as that seems, my gut instinct was that the birds (particularly the migrant species) would not be affected by these absurd conditions. The climate is always... Continue Reading →

Belated news from 19th September

PHENOLOGY HIGHLIGHTS Some notable toad migration in local area. Very close to average date of 22nd September based on small sample of 5 local records.

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