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  • Rumbles in the night.

    Here in the United Kingdom of late, Autumn seems to like to imitate Summer and once again, overnight, proved no exception in this regard. To add to our October 26th Thunder day, we can now add November 4th. Four or Five rumbles awoke me from my slumber during the early hours, albeit, I had my curtains pulled and the windows slightly […]

  • Where’s the time going?

    Hello world. I’m sorry for the lack of updates and let’s hope it’s not writers block or bloggers block, ha ha. One thing that has been pre-occupying me and my family, is the removal of an old garden shed and the general tidying up associated with this task. However, whilst this was being undertaken, during the […]

  • Probable first Air Frost of the season

    Well if the latest headline from netweather is accurate, then us folk in the United Kingdom, had better watch out. First Widespread Frost – Latest Weather News – In terms of my phenolgical tie-in, based on a small sample of 10 records, I return a mean of 31st October, for the first Autumn Air Frost. Who […]

  • News from Defra

    Defra have recently released the following news. If, like some, you are unaware of Defra, it stands for The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. They are a British Government department, whose main responsibility is looking after our precious environment. The current minister who represents them is my local MP, Richard Benyon. Being a […]

  • Latest News

    Well, just yesterday (9th October) a fair few Redwings and some Fieldfares had started to invade parts of the UK. These birds coming over from the more unusual direction of Germany and Belgium, due to suitable weather conditions both there and here. More tracking of the migrants can be undertaken via the Trektellen website. Other […]