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Spring budburst

I thought this was worth a reblog and would be of interest. Regards Tony Powell

My latest Phenology news and the cold weather incoming

As nature's circadian rhythms seem somewhat uncoordinated, here was I, hoping for colder weather come February. Well, some normality at last appears to be on its way, but first, some phenology. My latest phenological event was yesterday, 27th January, in the form of a First heard drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker - Dendrocopos major. This event matches closely to the mean date … Continue reading My latest Phenology news and the cold weather incoming

Another sign of seasonal shifting?

I, for one would not argue against this latest evidence. See my Natural Events Calendar link for a personal slant from last year.  It is pure conjecture as to whether there is a definite trend but these events are thought provoking, to say the least. Butterflies move faster than birds in response to climate change Kind … Continue reading Another sign of seasonal shifting?

Volunteering – Do you participate?

Do you volunteer?  If not, would you consider doing so? I have been volunteering in many guises over the years, but more recently I have become a WeBS counter. This is a survey organised by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) which covers a broad spectrum of wetland bird species. The surveys cover a large area of … Continue reading Volunteering – Do you participate?

Not what to expect, come Mid-November!

As if to confirm, a quote I saw on a fellow subscriber's blog, I give you some news. The Nearly half way through November post and it's reference to "the seasons’ constant cycle ignores the diary" seems somehow appropriate, in light of current ornithological sightings. By no means unprecedented, but interesting nonetheless, I will present the following snippets, courtesy of Birdguides. … Continue reading Not what to expect, come Mid-November!

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