Join the green recovery! Become a conservationist in 2021

Go for it. Make 2021 your year. Your future is in your grasp. A blog from a fellow connection of mine, Charlotte Rixon.

Little Wild Tales

avenue stretching to the horizon
Credit: Chilli Charlie, Unsplash

Have you always dreamt of working in wildlife conservation, but don’t know where to start? Do you feel stuck in an unfulfilling job but worry that it is too late to switch careers into conservation?

2020 was a turbulent year for everyone – but it did bring some good news. Lockdowns and social distancing restrictions gave many people the chance to reconnect with nature – and nature the chance to recover from some of the damage we are inflicting on it. We’re waking up to a new era in 2021, with vaccines being rolled-out more widely, and momentum growing across the world for a green recovery.

What part do you want to play in the green recovery? No matter your age, background or career stage, if you have a passion for nature and wildlife then you could become a professional conservationist. Thankfully, there is some great…

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The blog has gone quiet but why? A quick review of my latest activities plus some amateur video footage from the fields of lowland England.

Just a brief update for my followers, I'm doing fine guys and who knows when I'll be revisiting the blog, but I thought you deserved an explanation. This lady, Amanda is running a successful business from her Facebook page and I think it reinstates my mission as well. Do take a read and you'll soon... Continue Reading →

Something to sing about! Yes, I’m still around, Thanks for caring and I’ll be back soon.

A quick blog update covering some of this season's activities.

A toast to National Robin Day

Celebrating our Songbirds on National Robin Day.

As taken from my Facebook page. It truly pays to “mix it up” in the Agricultural sector for Farmland Birds

A very quick blog post, just to prove I'm still around in both the virtual and more appropriately, the real world.   "A Wee while back I said I would refer back to that excellent publication, that is Farming and Birds - New Naturalist Series no. 135, as written by Ian Newton. Well, here's a... Continue Reading →

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