One of naturestimeline’s core business objectives – Freelancing

A quick blog of perhaps several to highlight where and how I intend naturestimeline to develop over the coming months and years from a business sense and also from an educational viewpoint.

My working background

Freelance Professional – Short-term contract worker offering Bird Surveys/Desk Research/Work from Home Office services


Visiting Researcher and professional Ornithologist/Field Surveyor


Undertake ad hoc visits to clients who need any of the following tasks completed in relation to assessing the natural environment.


  • Have the ability to detect the presence of any birds and other wildlife residing on their land. I am well known for my skills in identifying birds through their calls and songs. I have been practising natural sound recordings for more than 25 years.


  • Provide an evidence base comprised of abundance and distribution of all bird species and or other wildlife making use of their land. I have been undertaking such studies for many years both in a voluntary capacity and in paid positions for repeat clients since 2014. 


  • Visit as many times as deemed necessary and provide datasets which gather enough information to provide an excellent evidence base. The landowner can then choose whether he or she acts on produced evidence to enhance his or her landholdings for the wildlife.


  • Provide a detailed systematic analysis of my findings via spreadsheets and associated reporting services. Examples can be made available through direct contact via my Facebook details or email.


  • Where appropriate, in my own time, I will also input these findings onto the British Trust for Ornithology’s BirdTrack system. In doing this, I hopefully provide the BTO research scientists with further evidence to add to their existing knowledge base which they can act on in the name of conservation.



See you next time.


Best Wishes

Tony Powell





naturestimeline Education services – “A conservation professional sharing his personal perspective on breaking news stories from the world of nature alongside his own accounts from the field.”


Ongoing Research – slowly building up the knowledge base!

For those who might have missed this, I’ll reblog this article here. On my way to fulfilling my mission statement. “birding through the seasons, why birds matter and how to conserve them”.


As of this afternoon, I have completed a first stage of many by documenting my scanned (poorly) handwritten notes for a personal research project I have in mind. An example from one of the 184 notes I have uploaded in recent days is shown below.

*be prepared for a geek moment

Doxie 0240 example - Yellow Wagtail 1 Doxie scanned example of handwritten notes – Yellow Wagtail 1

I have also tagged them within Evernote with various wordings for later referencing. For those of you who don’t know what Evernote is, it is a digital note-taking software package and is available with both offline and online versions. Below is an example screen grab of my current Evernote setup for the purposes of this Bird Research Project.

Evernote setup screen grab example - Yellow Wagtail 1 Evernote setup screen grab example – Yellow Wagtail 1

I may eventually try to find a way of incorporating this growing evidence base of notes of viable conservation measures onto 

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Getting out and about at Farm Fest 2014

Naturestimeline hasn’t ceased to be, in spite of what some might wish or hope for and on the outside chance that you may have missed me, I’ve had PC issues and well, I’m back.

On the 12th July, I was out and about supporting a local farming enterprise recently, hence the post title* *click on the underlined link for further information regarding the Farm Fest event. Nature and farming practices are inextricably linked so I found this day out, particularly enthralling. As a farmland bird researcher, it is crucial that I continue to learn the link between farmland practices and its effect on the sadly often declining farmland bird species**

Below are some of my own pictures of the event, which is one of many that each and every one of us can attend, so search out an event near you.

The route into Farm Fest 2014 at Parsonage Farm, Andover
The route into Farm Fest 2014 at Parsonage Farm, Andover
Farm Fest 2014 at Parsonage Farm in progress
Farm Fest 2014 at Parsonage Farm in progress
Some of the farm buildings at Farm Fest 2014, held at Parsonage Farm, Andover
Some of the farm buildings at Farm Fest 2014, held at Parsonage Farm, Andover

Just to add, I have no personal involvement with the farm in question but I do hugely value the farming community. I did however, get to taste some local brews once I had returned home.

Some of Upham Brewery's finest Ales
Some of Upham Brewery’s finest Ales

Let us not forget that even the brewing process of Ales or whatever happens to be your tipple requires a little help from Mother Nature, so much respect to her.



** unless perhaps you’re born a generalist species such as a Jackdaw or Woodpigeon, whose numbers take up the bulk of available farmland bird food biomass