Intriguing news from Defra.

As fellow Natural History enthusiasts, what do you make of this latest headline from Defra? Nature Improvement Areas On the one hand, this government appears to want to press ahead with concreting over our precious countryside. On the other hand, there is still hope for this country to remain a green and pleasant land. This leaves... Continue Reading →

Benefiting Wildlife and the Farming community in tough times

I receive regular emails from differing conservation bodies so today; I would like to share some news with you. Occasionally, in nature, it is the simple decisions that prove to be of most value to the natural world. Here is some fascinating video advice showing sustainable wildlife farming, courtesy of the Campaign for the Farmed Environment. See here for further details. Also... Continue Reading →

News from Defra

Defra have recently released the following news. If, like some, you are unaware of Defra, it stands for The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. They are a British Government department, whose main responsibility is looking after our precious environment. The current minister who represents them is my local MP, Richard Benyon. Being a... Continue Reading →

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