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Some late winter warmth?

Click on the reblogged from Matt Hugo link above for the rest of the post. The effect this upcoming spell of weather will have on Phenology events will be most interesting. Some potentially record-breaking Temperatures could occur in the South of the United Kingdom. Given some sunshine, Bees, Butterflies and Blooms will be the most likely candidates, … Continue reading Some late winter warmth?

Miscellaneous news and finally some Phenology

I have been organising my life recently, well at least in the sense of some internal admin. Perhaps, it is because winter has suddenly turned into spring and I am in a "spring cleaning" mode. What with logging my old Birdwatch magazines and other valuable reading sources such as British Wildlife magazine, I oddly feel … Continue reading Miscellaneous news and finally some Phenology

I’m planning ahead, well hopefully?

It's the 18th December and in recent weeks, I have been busily entering data into the BTO BirdTrack Project. The latest data that I have entered is particularly broad ranging and precise as it covers my records from the surveying work for the GWCT. Even now, I still have some way to go, but intend to finish by the end … Continue reading I’m planning ahead, well hopefully?

A weird and wonderful November.

A quickie from me. No more to add, other than to direct you to this link, courtesy of Wildlife Extra. Cheers Tony Powell

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