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March and April Phenological madness

I have recently updated my natural events calendar to reflect all the activity since Mid March. So where are we now? Unseasonably warm temperatures and a continuing drought have dominated the UK weather headlines from the past couple of weeks. The drought area recently increased in size to cover a larger area of the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, snow … Continue reading March and April Phenological madness

Wild Week Ahead for the United Kingdom

A weather related post again from me. Here's the latest advice for the upcoming working week, from those in the know, in the world of meteorology. Wild Week Ahead - Latest Weather News - Enough said and confidence is very high as its been on the weather forecasts since Friday Night. Tony Powell

Severe Weather Incoming for Scotland in particular

The unseasonal autumn weather has left me feeling miserable, desperately waiting for some active weather and on top of that, I now have a cold. Looking back at autumn, here are the official UK statistics - UK has a warm autumn - Met Office So, as we are now moving into meteorological winter, what is on the cards? Interestingly, the weather is … Continue reading Severe Weather Incoming for Scotland in particular

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