January and February datasets

As promised, how is the phenology looking against a backdrop of a very wet but reasonably mild Winter. One notable thing for me were the number of Thunder days, four in total, all of which occurred before the 16th January. This is quite exceptional under any circumstances and as a consequence there is a notable shift towards earlier day numbers.... Continue Reading →

Bird Surveys, ill health and horrendous weather

Why the hiatus, I hear you ask. Well, let me explain if I may. My current job role as a Bird Surveyor/Researcher allows me to intimately follow our feathered friends and log their breeding success. To best illustrate the differing roles out there, I will direct you to a couple of blogs. For example, Lewis Yates, whose exploits this birding season come from... Continue Reading →

Spring budburst

I thought this was worth a reblog and would be of interest. http://www.bbsrc.ac.uk/news/research-technologies/2012/120302-pr-model-how-buds-grow-into-leaves.aspx. Regards Tony Powell

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