Mankind pressing the self destruct button once again

How does the following video affect you emotionally? The above is in relation to a post entitled "the last days of wildcat falls" courtesy of Rebecca in the woods. Rebecca is from across the pond but this matters not! This kind of destruction is happening on a global scale, along with it, the biodiversity, crucial to man’s... Continue Reading →

Keeping up to date with nature’s news

Hello, Firstly I want to advertise shamelessly, two amazing information sources of British Wildlife news. H a b i t a t - Daily wildlife and environment news from the British Isles. And *British Wildlife Publishing *Should you decide to subscribe, please inform the recipients of my situation, as there is currently an offer in... Continue Reading →

Two more indicators of seasonal change

Dear readers, I have two further events as mentioned in yesterday’s post. They are as follows.   I first witnessed a truly wild Primrose (Primula vulgaris) in flower on 7th January but as on other occasions, I have seen other varieties elsewhere, even in November and December this year just gone. However, if taking my... Continue Reading →

Woodland Birds

It's official, well done Rufus Sage and GWCT. Tony

September 6th

Well yesterday, I ventured down to the local woodland valley patch again and I soon spent a very pleasant 2 1/2 hours in it's company. 25 species of birds were clocked up and strangely did not include the Spotted Flycatchers. Of the 25 species seen 21 of which would be local birds, nearly all of which breed. The other... Continue Reading →

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