My Natural Events Calendar

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  2. Where was the Chiffchaff singing on 13th January? Do you mean local to you?

    • Yes, did I enter 13th January, I meant the 15th January. The Chiffchaff was singing along with a Blackcap at a local gravel pit. This record of First singing Chiffchaff, quite unlike any other record I have for this event. However, I will add that on occasions during other recent years, I know of other folk reported exactly the same thing. I would assume that these birds are stopovers and not true migrants.

      Kind Regards

      Tony Powell

  3. Interesting! Thank you.

  4. This is such a clever use of Google Calendar, love it!

  5. Just saw the first butterflies of the year – WC1 – on 28th of March, probably Cabbage Whites but impossible to be sure. Also saw Horse Chestnet upening on Sunday – but that was in Kensington Roof Gardens which is a strange micro-climate I expect.

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    This is a fine project!

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