For further details please click on the following link, where you can also contact me directly via email.

Testimonials in relation to my bird surveying and reporting activities.

Private Client 1 (reference bird surveys)

Private Client 2 (reference bird surveys)

Additional testimonials as taken from my Facebook pages.

Patricia Clissold

“This page really does share the work of others about nature, rather than self-promotion of its own photographs. It spreads the word that people do hold dear nature, in the UK. I like it for its spirit of sharing, the original concept behind Facebook.”

Likewise, Janet Salter reviewed my page and gave it a five-star rating without an additional comment.

Janet Salter reviewed naturestimeline – 5 star

Teresa Leech reviewed naturestimeline – 5 star

“I love this page. The time & effort that has gone into it really shows.”

Amanda Baber recommends naturestimeline.

25 August 2018 · 

A beautiful page dedicated to nature.

Anthony Furnell recommends naturestimeline.

17 September 2018 · 

See for yourself. People should be free to decide, for themselves, with or without endorsements or recommendations.

Brendan Anderson recommends naturestimeline.

3 January at 19:13 · 

Brilliant page please take notice of it

And courtesy of YouTube, if you ever wanted to see me in action (bird monitoring), four minutes into this full 7 minute video, there is little ole me on film. I was commissioned by the Chilton Parish community and still am, as I type this to carry out an independent biodiversity study. Enjoy with the sound up and in Full HD for best effect. #wildlife #monitoring #birds #farmland

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