Why naturestimeline?

Naturestimeline encapsulates my own personal observations from the natural world as the search continues for a new approach to conservation. Moreover, naturestimeline will illustrate to you why we need to do more and how we can all be conservationists in our own right.

I have an undying passion for natural history, and with this blog, I will slowly be sure to reveal this. Some intentions of the blog are set out below.

  • Attempt to understand the need for modern conservation practice against the backdrop of a changing climate.
  • Together we can find a much-needed new approach to conservation, and I will explain how we have it in all of us, to turn things around for nature”.
  • To openly promote British Natural History items of interest.
  • Ultimately, I want to work with your wildlife-friendly business.

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Happy searching and Best Wishes.

Tony William Powell

Birds are my buiness.
naturestimeline – Birds are my business.

naturestimeline freelance contract services – “A Freelance professional, sharing his personal views on all things, nature conservation. Work with me, not against me, and I’ll work for you!”

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