Why naturestimeline?

Naturestimeline encapsulates my own personal observations from the natural world as the search continues for a new approach to conservation. Moreover, naturestimeline will illustrate to you why we need to do more and how we can all be conservationists in our own right.

I have an undying passion for natural history, and with this blog, I will slowly be sure to reveal this. Some intentions of the blog are set out below.

  • Attempt to understand the need for modern conservation practice against the backdrop of a changing climate.
  • Together we can find a much-needed new approach to conservation, and I will explain how we have it in all of us, to turn things around for nature”.
  • To openly promote British Natural History items of interest.
  • Ultimately, I want to work with your wildlife-friendly business.

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As for the why and what the aims of the blog are, click here or on the NATURESTIMELINE MISSION STATEMENT AND BUSINESS OBJECTIVES header above.

And for ongoing nature conservation stories and related news items and comment, you may wish to follow the link to my Facebook pages by clicking on the Yellowhammer imagery below.

Happy searching and Best Wishes.

Tony William Powell

Birds are my buiness.
naturestimeline – Birds are my business.

naturestimeline freelance contract services – “A Freelance professional, sharing his personal views on all things, nature conservation. Work with me, not against me, and I’ll work for you!”

Alternatively, search for my details online at LinkedIn by clicking on the named URL below.

36 thoughts on “Why naturestimeline?

Add yours

    1. Hi Jilly,

      I stumbled upon your blog by simply browsing the topics section. It was my interest in Phenology and its link with nature and weather that led me to yours.

      All the best.

      Tony Powell

  1. First, thank you for visiting my blog.
    We are fogged in this morning. Being Saturday I would prefer to sleep in but the cat had other needs and ideas, thus I am sitting in front of the computer. Visiting you blog has been a lovely way to start the day. You obviously tend it with the same care you walk in the world. Blessings.

    1. Many Thanks for your kind comments. Tracking the seasons via natural world events has long been in my blood. If, well more like, when Climate Change comes calling, the natural world is the first place to look for any indicators. To be even more invaluable, weather records and phenology records need to go back hundreds if not thousands of years. In spite of that, I hope I am still making an impact with my record keeping.

  2. Hello Tony, pleased to have found your blog, I’m interested! Look forward to going through your posts, I’m sure we will have some things to discuss. Cheers pal and best wishes, James 🙂

  3. Thank you for the visit …& pushing the article forward – a lot to read on climate change!! great!

    1. No problem. I am proud to have no political agenda, when it comes to Climate Change, I simply follow nature. Do pop by again when you see fit.

  4. Hi Tony!
    I haven’t had much time (as a newbie blogger) to search for kewl blogs to follow, but I’m glad you liked my phenology article, which in turn, brought me to yours. I use phenology in my landscaping job a lot, but haven’t been on the reporting end of it, until now. I look forward to checking out your blog and learning more! Thanks!

    1. No problem, I’ve returned the favour and am now following your blog. How lucky, you are, to be able to use phenological traits as part of your job. Whilst I’m at risk of being thick here, when you say Midwestern, where are situated in the world? I am based in the United Kingdom and as an example, our Snowdrops are on the way out now. Thanks again for following.

      Kind Regards


      1. Midwestern refers to the middle states of America, generally around Lake Michigan. I’m in Illinois, hardiness zone 5A -28C to -26C. Brrr! I see your UK climate is a bit nicer than here. We’ve had a very slow spring here, there’s actually snow in the forecast for tomorrow! Last year it was our 40th day over 21C. Hmmm.
        I look forward to reading your blog, I do enjoy learning about new things! Catch you in the comments section =-D

  5. Hi Tony, thanks for liking our blog 🙂 I like yours
    as i am also a birder and general naturalist as well as an archaeologist and my partner is a bird surveyor and weather nut! 🙂

    1. You must make a wonderful couple, a marriage potentially made in heaven perhaps? Anyway, aside from that, I’m glad you liked it and please pop by again in the near future.

      Kind Regards

      Tony Powell, also a modern day naturalist, birder extraordinaire (?) and general climate geek.

    1. No problem at all. I must say I did think I already was for some reason as I have seen a few of your posts in the past.

  6. Thanks for liking my post and by so doing introducing me to yours…a delightful place of wonderful photos and thoughts. I suspect I will be visiting often!

  7. Dear Tony,
    Thank you for liking my blog. I hadn’t expected a life sciences enthusiast to like anything a climate sceptic has to post, but it is very welcome nevertheless. The more usual suspects to like climate scepticism tend to be those that regularly read the Register website, a slightly irreverent news outlet with IT professionals in mind.
    I have skimmed your blog, in particular the posts tagged ‘climate change’. The graphs and your note in magenta after them was interesting.

    1. No problem, Thanks for visiting. I try to keep an open mind where possible regarding the climate issues affecting our planet. As you can tell, I often look to nature to attempt to seek out answers.

      Best Wishes


  8. Hi Tony,

    Thank you for your message !

    I found your blog interesting, and would love to advice my friends with similar interests as yours to visit your blog and subscribe to it.

    1. Sorry, this initially hit my spam folder. Thanks for your interest in it and yes, please do share with others, hopefully will get around to writing more content.

  9. Wordsworth was considered “the worshipper of nature”. Now I know you have no poetry here but your ambition and love for nature is poetic. Great blog!

    1. You’re very kind. I noticed you also followed my blog, for which I am most grateful. Best Wishes Tony Powell and naturestimeline.

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