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I had been looking for a while for an independent researcher to do, for our information only, a study of the Farmland birds that we have on the Estate as an indicator as to how our management of the Estate sits with the environment. As what I was reading in the press did not sit with what we were seeing on the ground. We were put in touch with Tony as being an independent bird researcher. He surveyed two completely different areas of the Estate for the birdlife present. He presented a comprehensive report of his findings conducted over a 12-month period. His research on the ground was thorough, to say the least, almost certainly to do with his enthusiasm for the subject. His findings are for our information and Tony has been trustworthy in honouring this. We will use Tony again in the forthcoming year for the same ends as we feel what he is producing is good value both in monetary terms and as an indicator as to how we impact on the environment.
Mr.J, Estate Manager
Me, the superstar! Well, you can be the judge of that.
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