September 6th

Well yesterday, I ventured down to the local woodland valley patch again and I soon spent a very pleasant 2 1/2 hours in it’s company. 25 species of birds were clocked up and strangely did not include the Spotted Flycatchers. Of the 25 species seen 21 of which would be local birds, nearly all of which breed. The other 4 migrant species, these being House Martin and Swallows (streaming overhead) and Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler. Surprisingly, both the latter named species were to be heard singing full song. Mind you, with my Telinga microphone, birdsound of one sort or another is picked up all year round.

There were a few Butterflies flitting about and two of note being a Red Admiral and Speckled Wood. A couple of Shield Bugs were subsequently identified as Forest Bug and Dock Bug. The Dock Bug which is about half an inch in length had many young running around with it. The usual Crickets were chirping away, one of which I believe was a Grey Bush Cricket although the books appear to hint otherwise, so I may well be incorrect.

A fabulous time was had and I escaped the rain.


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