Winter Thrushes

The Northern Thrushes will soon be upon us all.

Redwings, looking like Song Thrushes are slightly smaller than their cousins and are general non-breeders in the UK, having visited our shores from places much further north. They have a distinctive “tseeep” high pitched call which pierces the still night skies of early autumn. So, if you’re outside star-gazing, October is the time to listen for the thin whistle of a call.

Fieldfares, bigger than Redwings, are also foreign invaders and should arrive slightly later than the Redwings. They are very attractive looking, with their scarlet, brown and grey backs and mottled underparts. In size, they are about that of the Mistle Thrushes.

My average arrival date for Redwing is 11th October, based on a 15 date sample. Fieldfare, returns an average arrival date of 3rd November, based on a 14 date sample.

My main reason for the post this early being that the NW winds projected for this Wednesday/Thursday (5th & 6th) should produce the first decent movement of these Thrushes, particularly for Northern Britain.

Eyes to the skies.


Tony Powell

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