Bird sounds in the night!


Well, my winter visitors are starting to arrive. Firstly, as expected Redwings, the Northern invaders have been passing overhead in small numbers, locally. Some will have already been spotted feeding in berry bushes or on the ground, but my sightings have been sound sightings. Also noted, just recently, coming from the night skies, were ringing calls. These were being emitted by passing Golden Plovers, again being birds from afar, they may have landed locally at some stage, but to me, it matters not. When you have learnt bird sounds, so confidently as I have, one can sometimes become carefree about even attempting to spot the birds. Early this morning, well before sunrise, further Redwings were witnessed and the local Tawny Owls were heard hooting. Not bad, considering all these events come from suburbia and besides we’ve all been too busy, anyhow.

All in all, there’s currently a lot of action in the avian world and the natural world in general. This largely, being due to the diminishing day length, with today (14th October) boasting only 10 hours 49 minutes according to my wonderful weather station.


Tony Powell

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