Benefiting Wildlife and the Farming community in tough times

I receive regular emails from differing conservation bodies so today; I would like to share some news with you.

Occasionally, in nature, it is the simple decisions that prove to be of most value to the natural world.

Here is some fascinating video advice showing sustainable wildlife farming, courtesy of the Campaign for the Farmed Environment.

See here for further details.

Also courtesy of Farmers Weekly Interactive, comes the following news release from Defra.

See here for further information on this hot topic.

All the very best,

Tony Powell

3 thoughts on “Benefiting Wildlife and the Farming community in tough times

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  1. Nice post Tony. Farmers have such an important role to play and it’s really good to see them adopting nature-friendly practices. The farm where I walk regularly is farmed to support wildlife and it’s home to lots of species of birds and butterflies including yellowhammer and corn bunting.

    I hope the badger survey does reveal a sharp increase in numbers and I also hope that if it does it doesn’t precipitate a campaign to slaughter them!

    1. Many Thanks Finn.

      There is indeed a lot of good work going on out there and it can go largely unnoticed by most folk. People like us who take the effort to largely record what’s seen are thankfully more in touch with this aspect though.

      I also agree with the Badger issue and I think the decision to count them was a no-brainer. Most things in nature involve conflicts of opinions but even the great David Attenborough suggests man has to be taken to account at times and also to interfere where necessary.

      Kind Regards

      Tony Powell

  2. Great post; here in upstate New York…lots of thought and work are being put to use around farming and preservation of natural resource.

    Thank you for this thoughtful post. Someday, I may be lucky enough to visit and photograph some UK farms and farmers. ( on my bucket list)

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