Some late winter warmth?

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The effect this upcoming spell of weather will have on Phenology events will be most interesting. Some potentially record-breaking Temperatures could occur in the South of the United Kingdom. Given some sunshine, Bees, Butterflies and Blooms will be the most likely candidates, alongside the early migrant birds brought in by the Southwesterly flow.

Fascinating times ahead.

Regards, Tony Powell

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    1. Hi Finn,

      This impending drought situation has been talked about in the weather and climate forums for many months now. I always find it curious as to what the thresholds are, for when the government is happy to announce these news snippets. Nevertheless, the worrying trend, more especially for the overpopulated South and Southeast continues to be for a desperate lack of useful rain. If you see this post here –
      You can see only four out of the last ten years produced anything near normal or above in terms of annual rainfall. This appears to ring true for both the Cambridgeshire area and Berkshire.

      As for now, the latest models (longer term) hint at some rain, however in general, the Air Pressure will be too high weakening the fronts coming from the West or North. Of course, this may all change.

      All The Best and speak soon.

      Tony Powell

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