Early Birds

As per recent years, some of our bird species are well into their nesting routines even before the spring equinox. The link shown below illustrates this situation well. The information source is from the British Trust for Ornithology and comes courtesy of Birdguides.

Early Birds


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Tony Powell

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  1. Nice post Tony. I’ve been seeing lots of early bird nest building-type behaviour, but I haven’t seen any fledglings yet. But I’ll be keeping my eyes open now.

  2. I appreciate what you have done here. I teach in Wisconsin, USA and we are also experiencing an early spring. We had temperatures in the 20-24 C range in March. Now in April we have cooled down a bit. Plants, insects, birds are all ahead of schedules. Fish have spawned early in many rivers and streams. Although it is nice to have the warmth it is worrisome to think what the future may hold. Nice site, very informative. I would like my students to do something like this. Any tips would be appreciated.

    1. Hi,

      Many Thanks for your kind comments and I do hope your students will endeavour to do something similar. All I can advise is that they (the students) spread the word too. I am open as always to more subscribers and perhaps they could access to a link from my blog. Possessing good observation skills are the key and these only improve by repeated practice.

      Kind Regards

      Tony Powell

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