Shock horror, a cool showery April for a change

No, you did not imagine it, it has been miserable for far too long so I haven’t ventured out much. This is partly the reason for my lack of posts, alongside a busier working life. More news to come, honest!

Tony Powell

Official blog of the Met Office news team

These are early figures covering 1 – 25 of April and not full month statistics, so are therefore very likely to change. Especially regarding ranking. Full month figures will not be available until provisionally Wednesday 2 May.

Figures for 1 – 25 April show the month so far has seen well above average rainfall across the UK, with 97 mm of rain recorded – this is 139% of the long-term monthly average (1971-2000). The wettest April in the records dating back to 1910 was 2000 which saw 120.3 mm of rain.

Currently the month is the 9th wettest April for the UK in the records. However, it’s not possible to say where the month will end up in the records until all the figures are in at the end of the month – especially as we are expecting heavy rain on Sunday.

Some areas have seen significant rainfall amounts with some parts of the…

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7 thoughts on “Shock horror, a cool showery April for a change

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    1. Hi Finn,

      A day or two ago some of the model outputs suggested a drying out and a hint of warmer weather to come. Now, the latest expected trend is for more of the same. In recent years, our weather seems to want to be stuck in a rut, so who knows how long this spell will continue. Tomorrow looks particularly wet for some and after that, I anticipate at least some drier interludes. I imagine cool and showery with sometimes-longer spells of rain is how the TV forecasters will be describing the weather in days to come.

      Best Wishes


  1. May Bank Holiday Monday here in Scotland was colder than Christmas Day! I got soaked through today and quite frankly I’m fed up with wind and cold temperatures……….though I know that rain is precious and should be grateful for it………..but if it could rain during the night that would be even better.

    (Just seen Prince Charles and then Camilla doing the weather forecast on the BBC!)

    1. Re: your comment (Just seen Prince Charles and then Camilla doing the weather forecast on the BBC!) to which I had no idea what the fuss was about at the time.

      I thought you may be interested to read the Met Office view



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