Inspiring the next generation – a random post

Why not inspire the next generation to care about our natural environment by participating in citizen science. In doing so, you can provide a data source of immense value and it truly is fun.


There are so many options out there, get searching for citizen science projects you can participate in.

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    1. Hi MPG,

      That sounds like a good program/project too. My original link was non British but over here, the birder types can participate in many differing studies under groups such as the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) and the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) to name but two. Many local Wildlife Groups have events such as walks and talks and even hands-on habitat restoration activities. Not forgetting there is the U.K Phenology Network and its U.S counterpart (I’m sure you’ll remind my readers of its name?) whereby anyone either on their own or with their friends and family can track the seasonal natural events as they unfold. With so much to participate in, how is it that anybody can be bored and to think it’s aiding the scientists too!

      1. Ooh, Project Budburst or It is very easy to input the information. Just watch a plant in your yard and report on budding, flowering, etc. It’s a great site where regular folks and scientists hang out! 😀

  1. There’s no better way to educate people then to encourage them to get involved in such projects – grab their interest and you’re halfway there!

    1. Agreed and it sure must open their eyes to what the natural world is all about. Going by our recent weather we are at its mercy, so the natural world and its wildlife needs us as much as we need it, more than ever before IMHO. All the above exercises undertaken in the name of science too, a subject I knew very little about until recently, so for me, there is no fear for indulging in the subject yet further.

  2. I definitely think children need to be put in touch with the natural world as young as possible. Splashing in puddles, crunching through autumn leaves, watering plants, watching birds in the garden are a simple but important start. Too many city children are entirely disconnected from their place within the natural wolrd.

    1. Yes and I pray that this disconnection will decrease in time through awareness of promoting the fact that watching nature can be “cool”. So many things to identify too, you can truly never stop learning. As a suburban kid myself, my love for nature took hold in my early twenties and with the emergence of the internet, the willingness to learn has spread yet further. I love the peaceful aspects of the countryside, it’s as if life is one big adventure and you’re in a slower lane on life’s motorway.

      Best Wishes and Thanks for your comment.


  3. I’ve taken part in various bird/butterfly watch activities with my young kids – our results may not be very accurate (!), but spending that focused time outdoors just looking and watching really did get them excited about the natural world around them. We’re lucky to live in a very rural spot, so there’s always something to discover….

    1. Hi alderandash (Lucy?),

      Thanks for your comment. No matter how insignificant your sightings may seem, the more you participate and promote your interests and thereby inform others, the Citizen Science will then be rewarded by your own actions. As I understand it, the clever data analyst types use special formulas and statistics in order to make each record count.

      Best Wishes


  4. I participate in many birding opportunities that contribute to citizen science. I think the best we can hope for is people will jump on board and recognize now is the time to act on behalf of nature, and in turn us too.

  5. Like the Inspiring the Next Generation post. I hope that through my photos and stories of wildlife and plants, my generation, the next generation and future generations can learn and be inspired to protect our planet. So nice to be a part of a community that cares. Thanks for liking my blog. with Appreciation

  6. I totally agree about the Next Generation. I world school my son and believe they need to be informed about the future and how to care for it, not just the now.

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