A naturestimeline Facebook page production – some further randomness

A naturestimeline Facebook page production – some further randomness


Wow, having looked back through some recent photographs, I can’t believe I’ve managed to capture this. After all, I am a truly amateur photographer unlike some.

Look towards the middle left portion of the first image and just above the telegraph wires, a lightning bolt is revealed. More usually my captures end up like the following image (click on link for full-sized image).


And when it wasn’t raining over recent weeks, a walk in a local private woodland managed for pheasant shooting revealed this beautiful creature, a Silver-washed Fritillary butterfly. Again, click on link for full-sized image.


Kind Regards

Tony Powell

naturestimeline Media/News/Publishing “A conservation professional sharing his personal perspective on breaking news stories from the world of nature alongside his own accounts from the field.”



2 thoughts on “A naturestimeline Facebook page production – some further randomness

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    1. Hi Nicola,

      Likewise. Do keep the content coming as I don’t always remember to purchase the NWN and might miss the latest. I gather you have spotted some interesting birds out and about in recent times and you’re liable to make me jealous. Anyway, hopefully catch up with you on my travels again in the near future. Keep up the good work.

      Best Wishes


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