Conservation “Young Guns” to look out for in 2016 – a cross-post from LinkedIn

As a fortysomething, I cannot claim to be a “Young Gun”, yet these guys and gals show maturity beyond their years. Find out more below.


Conservation “Young Guns” to look out for in 2016 by Tony Powell



I have replicated below as shown for those of you not on LinkedIn.


As a fortysomething, I cannot claim to be a “Young Gun”, yet these guys and gals show maturity beyond their years. The messages they promote via their Social Media channels should be listened to. They are the future.

So in no particular order, I bring you the following.

Ben Eagle and his “thinkingcountry” blog

This past year I especially liked his “Exploring the Ethics of Conservation and Farming” post and his reblog of Peter Cooper’s “One of the most depressing things about conservation? How Middle-class it all is.” blog.

James Common and his blog “common by nature”


A couple of my favourites of his were “A Summer on a Scottish Grouse Estate” and James’s “Personal blog, personal opinions.” posting.

Next up, Elliot Dowding with “Wildlife and Words”.


Do check out his Birding with John series, although I especially liked this 2015 blog post, “What does nature mean to me?“.

Now one of the aspiring young ladies by the name of Annabelle Southand her blog goes by the name of “Wild South”.


During 2015 I particularly liked her “WILD SOUTH’S SECOND FORAY INTO RETAIL” blog and her “SUMO DORMOUSE” post.

Another young lady you have to admire is Laura James and her “lauras ecology on the go” blog.


One of the 2015 highlights for me from her blog was “The Aliens are Coming!!!“.

Last but not least, I bring you Falko Buschke and “The Solitary Ecologist”.

My favourite from 2015 of his had to be the “Conservationists must realise that farmers are central to conserving nature” blog post.

I am well aware of a number of other contenders who are progressing up through the ranks via those fantastic research bodies and universities alike. However, suffice to say, I commend you all, as right now the conservation movement needs all the help it can get.

Kind Regards and Happy New Year, all the best wishes for 2016 and beyond.


Tony Powell


*For the record I am not currently affiliated with any of the persons mentioned above and are simply to be regarded as highly valued friends and connections.


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4 thoughts on “Conservation “Young Guns” to look out for in 2016 – a cross-post from LinkedIn

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  1. Thanks for the mention Tony, appreciate it – I do follow some of the others already but I’ll check the rest out via the links and follow to give them support.

    1. Absolutely no problem Elliot, keep up the good work and I will hope to do the same. Have a wonderful 2016.

      Best Wishes

      Tony Powell

  2. Hi Tony, I think this is such a wonderful thing you are doing here, drawing attention to and promoting these conservation blogs, as well as actively working towards conservation yourself. Great Post!

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