Let’s build on the UK’s tree coverage!

I’ve just been sent the latest wildlife headlines from around the world via the wonderful Wildlife Extra newsletter and one news item in particular, has caught my eye. See a fruitful year for more on this.

These trees are so valuable and I’ve heard it said that the UK possesses only 12% tree cover in terms of its overall land coverage so more needs to be done.

Well some conservation is taking place and the ideas coming from the Woodland Trust are really promising. Click on MoreTrees MoreGood for further information this positive news story.

Well that’s enough ranting from this environmentalist for one day.

Best Wishes

Tony Powell

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  1. More trees are always a good idea and perhaps a no-brainer. However, I firmly advocate that we should also start bringing our existing woodlands into good condition. The Wildlife Link (15+ environmental NGOs including RSPB, Woodland Trust, Bat Conservation and others) stated in a recent report that this is a priority action, as the decline in our specialist woodland birds, butterflies, bats plants etc is largely attributable to lack of management.

    I am also not convinced that planting more trees, unless they are backed by long term vision, is going fail in delivering the woodlands that we (society and wildlife) can rely on in the future. We don’t need anymore ‘green fuzz’ planted in the British landscape.

    Are these new woodlands going to compete with food production in the future? Where can we plant without limiting our ability to feed our growing population. What about the ever increasing need for land for housing too. We are so focussed on planting more, when all around us are moribund and neglected woods. A colleague of mine recently compared this to his teenage daughter’s bedroom … instead of telling her to tidy it up he could say instead, “never mind, why not not just have the room next door and start over!”

    A more robust investigation and discussion of some of the modern planting schemes is well over due. The trouble is that the woodland NGOs, and we know who they are, don’t have the guts to talk to the public about woodland management as it involves killing trees, even though every one us uses wood and has wood in our homes and offices. DISCUSS…!

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