Rumbles in the night.

Here in the United Kingdom of late, Autumn seems to like to imitate Summer and once again, overnight, proved no exception in this regard. To add to our October 26th Thunder day, we can now add November 4th. Four or Five rumbles awoke me from my slumber during the early hours, albeit, I had my curtains pulled and the windows slightly ajar. Am I the only one who does this when storms are predicted? I believe that now makes the total, 8 days of Thunder or Lightning heard or seen. By noting this data it provides a useful insight into annual climatic differences in the patterns. So far, for example, even without the precise data, the year so far, has panned out as below.

  • January and February, above average temperatures after the bitter December of 2010. 
  • Spring (March through May in meteorological terms) was exceptionally mild
  • Summer (June through August) much cooler than average.
  • Autumn (September through November) so far, you’ve guessed it! Exceptionally mild once again.
  • As for precipitation, there are obviously, differences dependent on your locality. However, as per recent years, the drought continues and we currently have a deficit of 121.7mm, which is nigh on, 5 inches.

Whatever, the weather, there’s always records to be broken and I live and breathe it as you are no doubt, aware. As we finally leave Autumn and enter the depths of winter, netweather is the place, to be kept informed on all the UK’s weather.

Autumnal Cheers

Tony Powell

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