A toast to National Robin Day

Firstly, two apologies in one. Apologies for what is somewhat shoddy camera work and also perhaps for my overexuberant narration.

Nonetheless, I’m sure you agree with me that we need no reason (or do we?) to celebrate what is one of our best known UK Songbirds. They are relatively common now, but it might not remain that way, in future. As in most global bird conservation issues, population dynamics can play a huge role as to whether these birds can sustain viable populations, longer-term. For now, though, let us celebrate our Robins, the UK race being Erithacus rubecula on this National Robin Day.

To enjoy my video to best effect, listen with the sound on and at a suitable volume. There’s even living proof of a naturestimeline logo in evidence on the video clip.

As ever, I thank my readers for taking the time to listen to my rambles; you can, of course, continue to access my Facebook updates by clicking on the Red Admiral butterfly icon below.

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24 thoughts on “A toast to National Robin Day

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  1. Great post, I did not know there was a National Robin Day. It is fitting that we have a day dedicated to the humble robin.

    1. It’s especialy worthwhile when you get a decent set up, although this can be costly. Having said that, most phones have recording options on them and a cheap mono recorder will do the job as well.

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