Corn Bunting giving it some!

Something to sing about! Yes, I’m still around, Thanks for caring and I’ll be back soon.

For those of you thinking, I’d disappeared somewhere, perhaps off to meet his maker, well… Think again. Building my brand, come, aspiring business, means I’m more active these days on LinkedIn and Facebook, to name two Social Media Channels I use. Alas, I will attempt to share with you some recent highlights from there on the blog now.

Today, on Facebook I have posted up some bird survey data from 2018, I hope you birders and fellow natural history enthusiasts will find of interest.

2018 Rolling averages of Farmland Bird productivity prior to final Autumn surveys



For those wanting to know more about how they might conserve some of the birds they regularly witness in their rural idyll, check out the following posts.

Some how-to-conserve guides on Blackbirds, Chiffchaffs (a bird which struggled this year) and Yellowhammers.

Standing up for our rural Songbird communities – The Blackbird

Standing up for our rural Songbird communities – The Chiffchaff

Standing up for our rural Songbird communities – The Yellowhammer

Finally, a video I trust you will find entertaining.

On reflection, it’s been quite a year!


Best Wishes


As ever, I thank my readers for taking the time to listen to my rambles; you can, of course, continue to access my Facebook updates by clicking on the Red Admiral butterfly icon below.

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  1. Tony

    Thanks, for the likes, people.

  2. Rupali

    Thank you for sharing the video.

    1. Tony

      I’m very pleased you liked it, Rupali, Thanks.

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