Naturestimeline is on SoundCloud.

For those of you that may not know this, I have a SoundCloud account that also goes by the name of naturestimeline.

Here is an example of one of my field survey trips where I discuss how Farmers and the conservation of wildlife on-farm (namely birds) can work together through their actions.


I hope you find the above informative and entertaining as other soundtrack shares will be following the same topic in the future.

Kind Regards

Tony William Powell and naturestimeline

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  1. So sheep and presumably their waste create a rich insect world for birds. Mixed farming but there was little money but subsistence in that in the past or was there.

    1. Hi Nava, indeed, a more prosperous environment where my passions’ main driver (farmland birds) can thrive. In terms of mixed farming systems, diversifying the business is critical here, and a diverse mix of habitats delivers far more good than bad. The farmers I’m working with all possess a growth mindset and see birds and other wildlife increases, as proof of what they’re doing “on the fields” is working for the animals “in the fields” and field boundaries. Do a quick search of the internet for regenerative agriculture, and you’ll see where many UK farmers are heading now.

      1. That’s great Tony as this kind of farming is so much better for all species! Including of course us humans. Quite a bit in UK in certain areas but not well supported. Saw an amazing regen farm in Australia on a you tube. Making green what had become desert pasture.

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