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A toast to National Robin Day

Celebrating our Songbirds on National Robin Day.

Bird sounds in the night!

Hello, Well, my winter visitors are starting to arrive. Firstly, as expected Redwings, the Northern invaders have been passing overhead in small numbers, locally. Some will have already been spotted feeding in berry bushes or on the ground, but my sightings have been sound sightings. Also noted, just recently, coming from the night skies, were┬áringing … Continue reading Bird sounds in the night!

Winter Thrushes

The Northern Thrushes will soon be upon us all. Redwings, looking like Song Thrushes are slightly smaller than their cousins and are general non-breeders in the UK, having visited our shores from places much further north. They have a distinctive "tseeep" high pitched call which pierces the still night skies of early autumn. So, if … Continue reading Winter Thrushes

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