Intriguing news from Defra.

As fellow Natural History enthusiasts, what do you make of this latest headline from Defra?

Nature Improvement Areas

On the one hand, this government appears to want to press ahead with concreting over our precious countryside. On the other hand, there is still hope for this country to remain a green and pleasant land.

This leaves me to believe that the United Kingdom government’s policies are in a state of chaos. Then again, who am I to judge as I only possess the right of vote in the first place?


Tony Powell

2 thoughts on “Intriguing news from Defra.

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  1. Hello Tony,

    I guess it’s got to be good that money is being spent on creating these conservation areas, but on the other hand the proposed £7.5M spend is £1.1M less than the £8.6M bonus the lamented (lamentable) Emma Harrison (Mr Camerons ex ‘families tsar’ – whatever the hell that means) awarded herself. Sorry about the politics – I couldn’t help myself.

    So it’s a good start but 10 or 100 times that amount of cash would be better!

    1. Yes Finn, I agree wholeheartedly and do try to leave my political opinions offline. To use a climate analogy, politics is just like the weather with many hot and cold air exchanges, which ultimately result in a disappointing drizzle. As long as the government departments such as Defra and their global counterparts take heed of the public’s concerns, then we should all benefit. Speaking of drizzle, this morning’s Radio 4 Farming Today programme finished with the weather forecaster suggesting very little rain would be likely during the whole of March. After this, we will gradually progress into the drier part of the year and with that in mind, this may well be a horrendous situation for farmers and the like, in our regions.

      Best Wishes

      Tony Powell

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